Other Writings



"AI’s future worries us. So does AI’s present." Boston Globe Opinion, July 2023. (With Jacqueline Harding.) [Link] [Self-Archived]

"Is it ethical to create generative agents? Is it safe?" Australian Broadcasting Corporation Opinion, April 2023. (With Simon Goldstein.) [Link (Open Access)]


Blog Posts


"A Case for AI Wellbeing." Daily Nous Blog Post, July 2023. (With Simon Goldstein.) [Link (Open Access)]

"Dilemmatic Gaslighting." New Work in Philosophy Blog Post, February 2023. [Link (Open Access)]


Media Coverage


"Philosophical Work on “Gaslighting” — Merriam-Webster’s 2022 Word of the Year." Daily Nous Blog Post, November 2022. [Link (Open Access)]